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23cm x 14.5cm x 13cm (L/W/H) / 89588

  • Electronic Car.
  • Comes with a First Friend.
  • Press the horn, hear it beep, watch the lights flash.
  • Press the head of the little guy, and watch the car go!
  • Break lights flash when the car stops.
  • Can be free wheeled.
  • On/Off switch.
  • Encourages imaginative play.
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Development skills



Play guide
  • Show your baby that the toy moves and encourage your little one to push it along the ground and crawl after it
  • Turn on the vehicle and show your child the car in action - demonstrate how to press the head down to make it go. (At this stage your infant may be too young to do this themselves but they will love to watch the car spring to life and move across the floor.)
  • Imitate the sounds the car makes and praise your infant if they can join in with you.
  • Show your child how to turn on the car and make it go. Encourage them to do it by themselves and to chase after it.
  • Imitate the sound effects of the car and encourage your infant to do the same - ‘brum brum, beep beep’
  • Talk about the appearance of the car and its driver - e.g. what colour it is, how many wheels has it got? Introduce them to new language such as steering wheel, headlights, horn.
  • Talk with your child about cars - what does a car do? Why do we need cars?
  • Relate the toy to a real car and show your infant the similarities between the two
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By Karl Bergman

My one year old son has been playing with this car for several months and he’s developing along with it. He still prefers pushing it to activating the engine, which he’s not figured out yet and is still a little frightened of when I activate it for him. He’s thrown it around a bit and it’s still like new. Very durable and well-made.

By mom of 2

This was a gift for my son for his 1st birthday – he is now 5 yrs old & this car is still going strong & is still played with daily. I loved it so much I had to buy the construction set! I also have a 2yr old that just loves to play this too & I expect these to last until she is 5 too – that’s how great these toys are. It’s so great that I ALWAYS buy tolo toys as gifts & we own at least 6 tolo toys from plush to bath toys.
Way to go tolo – please don’t stop making such great items!

By Boston Mom

Very high quality toy

While pricey, this car is obviously well made and seems like it will last a long time. The horn honks, the headlights flash, and the car vibrates and takes off like a rocket. It does make a very strange noise at the end, like a hysterical laugh — we haven’t figured out what it is, but we’ve taken to calling the car “Christine”. My 9-month-old isn’t too into the car yet, but he playing loves the little man that comes with it. When we say “let’s play with the car,” he crawls off to fetch the driver. I’ll bet he grows into the car shortly, it should hold his interest for awhile.

By N. Glover "Shoprmom"

Fun for a crawler

My baby loves to push this along, It has a handle for her on the back that makes it easy for her to grasp…and the sound effects are great! It’s a little pricey, but worth it.

By Ann S

great first car

Great first toy car! My child loves to push it around and honk the horn. Very well made!